Hi, I'm Bryan 

Holistic Life Coach, Business Mentor, Speaker, Author and your new best friend


Here's my story



What does your life entail?


What pieces are you missing that shaped who you are today?


I've been lost, confused, pressured and overwhelmed as to WHO I AM and WHAT I WAS CALLED TO DO.


You do not have to feel alone on this journey of life.



My name is Dr. Bryan, founder of 3 businesses; McElderry Ventures, LLC, Alchemy Credit Solutions, LLC, Zyer Investments, LLC.

My goal in my holistic life + business coaching practice is to help high-performing professionals and entrepreneurs master their lives and tap into a deeper understanding of themselves. Once this SHIFT happens you begin to see an immense amount of clarity, calmness, peace, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

This then trickles into the areas of life you’re looking to optimize; whether it be your business, career, relationships, health, or spirituality. My goal is to fill in the gap and challenge you to be the BEST VERSION of yourself and realize your potential is so much more than you think.

After earning my Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from Morehouse College, I went on to earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. During my matriculation, I felt there was a lack of focus on non-pharmacological treatment options and preventative strategies for disease states that could be reversed or prevented by simple lifestyle changes. At this point, I was becoming very consistent with my exercise and my nutrition.

As a result, I began seeing changes both mentally and physically; so much so that I ended up competing in a men's physique bodybuilding show structuring my own training and diet regimen. 

In 2016, shortly after my pharmacy school graduation and the passing of my grandmother from mismanagement of medication which lead to severe dementia, I founded Envizion Health.

It was initially as a brand to spread knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to people looking to better their life both mentally and physically. I wanted people to be a part of a brand that would not only provide a service but could build a community of like-minded individuals that believed in the same mission. Through my health services, I made it a point to incorporate a holistic approach to serving each client to safely and effectively get them to their desired result of creating a well-balanced lifestyle.

Fast forward to November 2018, I realized many of clients were gravitating to the changes they were making outside of the physical aspect.

They were beginning to heal their love lives, they were showing up more productive and efficient at work, they were more energized and the questions of entrepreneurship /life mastery begin to arise.

Since then I’ve created my 1-1 life + business mastermind, group mentorship program, podcast, newly written book, and courses.

Now, I help top executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs identify and capitalize on opportunities their lives and businesses.

My coaching has empowered these individuals to significantly reduce stress and worry that can ultimately lead to diminished productivity and burnout.


Your friend, coach and life supporter

Dr. B